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Becoming Bearheart

Sometimes, it takes profound change to move us forward, out of our comfort zone, and into the place where true wisdom lies. However, when this change comes in the form of a traumatic event, it can shake the very foundation on which one has built trust and security.


In a gripping memoir, Patti Williams chronicles her life from the horrifying moment in March 1986 when she learned her mother had been murdered through the aftermath as the world she knew slowly began to fall apart. Overwhelmed with profound feelings of loss, heartache, and abandonment, Patti embarked on a spiritual journey that took her to the deepest, darkest places of her soul where she had to courageously battle to find her way back into the light and onto a path of peace. Led by the spirit of her mother, Patti discloses how she eventually connected with her inner-warrior to rediscover her personal power, the meaning of self-love, and ultimately her true life’s destiny.


Becoming Bearheart is the inspiring true story of one woman’s journey to connect with the strongest version of herself and heal from personal trauma.